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How to Get Here

1. Chiniot’s Location on Planet Earth

Asia: South Asia: Pakistan: Punjab: Chiniot

2. Get in

By Plane:

There is no airport in Chiniot. But the nearest city by Chiniot which has an airport is Faisalabad (which is the famous city of Pakistan).
If you are coming from outside of Pakistan, you will first come to any international airport of Pakistan, like
Allama Iqbal Airport, Lahore
Benazir Bhutto International Airport, Islamabad
Jinnah International Airport, Karachi

By Bus:

Chiniot is well connected with all major cities of Pakistan, like Islamabad (the national capital), Lahore (the provisional capital), Jhang, Sarghoda, Faisalabad, (which are the very famous cities of Pakistan). You can catch easily a comfortable bus from these cities for Chiniot. Namely
• Daewoo Express
• Ravi Express
• Iqbal Sons, etc

By Train:

Chiniot is connected with all big cities of the country through railway line.The comfortable trains connect Chiniot with Faisalabad, Lahore, Karachi, etc

3. Get Around

Wood Work:

Chiniot is famous all over the world for its beautiful and peerless wood carving, get a time and visit furniture market here you will get the idea of our mastery of furniture.

Ghenta Ghar (Clock Tower):

Ghenta Ghar is the main market of Chinot, which is also known as “Muslim Bazar” and it is also the one of the oldest area of Chiniot. You will find buildings in surroundings of this zone here, which was made during Mughal’s Era and after-ward.The Sabzi Mandi “Vegetable Market” is also connected with it, you will find a temple there, which is the one of the attraction of Chiniot.

Umer Hayat Mehal:

Umer Hayat Mehal is a palace made by seith Umer Hayat. This place is worth looking and famous as a Taj Mehal of Chiniot. This is also the alive sample of Chinioti wood carving and architecture minds. Read More

Shahi Mosque:

Shahi Mosque was built in Shah Jahan’s Era ( a mughal emperor) by the president of Shah Jahan whose name was “Nawab Saa’dullah Khan” who was belonged to this city. This mosque is made of “Chinoti Stone”. Here the legendary of Chinioti architectures is speaking loudly.

River Chenab Bridge:

This bridge was built during the English period in Hindustan and is the one of the attractions of Chinot. Read More


There is a number of mountains on river Chenab bank and in the center of city, mountains of Chiniot have used in building the Motor Way in Pakistan. River Chenab cuts these mountains. There is a mountain in center of the city whole the city can be viewed from it

River Chenab:

Chiniot is situated on the bank of River Chenab, who is the second biggest river in Pakistan and is the well known for its folk stories like (Heer Ranja, Sohni Mahiwal). This is the visiting point, a place full of smiles. There is canteen of Tourism Development Co-operation of Punjab of the bank of river.

Chilla Ga Boo Ali Qalandar:

There is a chilla ga (worshipping place) of famous saint (sufi) of Hindustan. Who’s name was “Shah Sharfudin Boo Ali Qalandar”. The tomb of Boo Ali Qalandar is in Panipat, India. There are numberless people, who come there. The Urs (annual ceremony) is celebrated on 18 to 21 of Rabi-ul-Awal (3rd month of Islamic Calendar).

 4. Do

Chiniot is basically a region of furniture industry, more than 50% of all Pakistani furniture is being designed here. There are so many mills and factories in Chiniot. Like Sugar Mills, Rice Mills, etc There are so many looms here.

 5. Buy


Chiniot is known every where for its peerless wood carving. It is matchless market of furniture in Pakistan. Here you will find every type of furniture.

6. Eat

Patisa (sweet):

The patisa of Chiniot is known throughout Pakistan. There are so many shops of Sweets but the “Taj Sweets” is the famous for Patisa.

Chinioti Kunna:


Samosa’s of Chiniot are very tasty. There is very famous shop of Samosas “Molvi Samose Wala” near Ghanta Ghar “Clock Tower”.

Sohn Halwa (Sweet):

Sohn Halwa is very delious sweet. There are many shops from where you can get Sohn Halwa but the famous one is “Sahiwalia Sweets”

7. Drink


Lassi is traditional Punjabi drink. Lassi is easily available here but in early morning. It is made using yogurt. The famous shop for lassi is “Punjab Lassi House”.

Shakwanji (Limo Pani):

Limo Pani is very tasty to drink. It is made up with lemon juice, water and sugar.

 8. Hotels

This information will be available soon.

9. Stay Safe

In case of emergency, call police by 15 from any land line phone. If you are using a cellphone, dial 911 for the police rescue.

Ambulance Access:

To get an ambulance in case of an emergency, dial 115 from any land line or cellphone.

 10. Go Back

You may make your departure by the same way you arrive at this city. Other wise there is a bus stand at “Tehsil Chowk”. You can find bus to go to your destination. Roads are well connected with Faisalabad, Jhang, Sarghoda, Pindi Bhatian, Lahore & other cities.