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Adopt A Book

Adopt A Book

Books are a source of constant knowledge and motivation. Some readers prefer a particular book for its aesthetic appeal, others for the message of the text. Whatever their tastes or reasons, here is an opportunity for book lovers to have a say in the selection and digitization of the books that ChiniotCity Team selects for online public access.

Contact on +923143238746 to access a list of books that are available adoption. You can adopt any book from the list that you wish to promote and are ready to sponsor the costs incurred on its digitization and keeping it online forever.

Your name or the name of the person you want to dedicate this adoption will accompany the selected book for all times to come. The book will stay online forever because you have adopted it and have helped to promote it through online public access.

Younger and future generations interested in reading books on Chiniot will always look for them online. These books have already taught us so much, and have much more to show the world and future generations. Are you ready to take that one step in helping those books reach their intended audience?

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