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Chiniot Weather

[awesome-weather location=”Chiniot” units=”C” size=”tall” override_title=”Chiniot Weather” forecast_days=”5″ hide_stats=0 background=”” custom_bg_color=”#cccccc” inline_style=”width: 250px; margin: 20px; “]   baby Beautiful Baby Blurred Lights Boo Ali Qalandar Bu Ali Qalandar Child Chiniot Festival Shah Bu Ali Qalandar Umer Hayat Mahal Umer Hayat Mehal Read More »

Umer Hayat Mahal

Umer Hayat Mahal

Chiniot is taken as an ancient and historical town of Pakistan. The romantic waves of River Chenab are singing sweet and melodious songs of love for the people of Chiniot. The people of here are born with the romantic charm of the waves of River Chenab. There is a lot of stories about the people and buildings of Chiniot. Such ... Read More »

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