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Bashir Ahmad Shad

Name:                  Bashir Ahmad  

Bashir Ahmad Shad (130 x 163)

Father Name:   Mola Bux

Pen Name:          Bashir Ahmad Shad

DOB:                     8-Apr-1951

Place of Birth:   Chiniot

Profession:         Teacher, Income Tax Advicer

Education:         MSc.(Phy)

Hobbies:            ____

Writings / Books

Writings / Books

 1. IMG_20140331_115119 (120 x 192)

2. IMG_20140331_115136 (120 x 199)

Sample Words:

Bashir_Ahmed_Shad_1 Bashir_Ahmed_Shad_2 Bashir_Ahmed_Shad_3 Bashir_Ahmed_Shad_4 Bashir_Ahmed_Shad_5



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