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History of Chiniot

Major Events in the History of Chiniot

1. Its oldest mention is found in the reign of Bhakta Prahlada as ‘Chanda-Kot’ in the religious book Bhagavata Purana. 2. It is also stated in Rig Veda. 3. Channiwat is said to have been mentioned in Ramayan and Al Beruni’s Kitab ul Hind. 4. About 3000 year ago, the Chinese used to come here for “silk trade”, Chay of ... Read More »

Chronology of Chiniot History

1003 Jevan Tanda was ruler of the state of Chiniot 1206 Jakh was Governor of the region 1290 Urkali was ruler of Multan 1296 Nusrat Khan was governor of Multan 1298 Alla-ud-din Khilji first time measurement of the land of sub-continent 1298 Qatlakh Khawja attacked the area and massacre of people 1307 Fight between Sardar Tartak and Sultan Taghluq Baig ... Read More »