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Imran-ul-Haq Chohan

Name:                  Imran-ul-Haq Chohan  

Imran-ul-Haq Chohan

Father Name:   Rizwan-ul-Haq Chohan

Pen Name:          Imran-ul-Haq Chohan

DOB:                      ______

Place of Birth:   Chiniot

Profession:         Lawyer, Teacher

Education:         ______

Hobbies:            Traveling, Music, Photography

Writings / Books

Writings / Books

 1. imran_book1


2. وادی وادی پربت پربت

Sample Words:

Imran-ul-Haq_Chohan_1 Imran-ul-Haq_Chohan_2 Imran-ul-Haq_Chohan_3 Imran-ul-Haq_Chohan_4 Imran-ul-Haq_Chohan_5



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