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Description of Project

Chiniotcity.com.pk is research on Chiniot City where we are enlightening the following aspects related to Chiniot.

  • History

In this section we are going to reveal the mysteries related to Chiniot history. There are many ongoing projects related to archeological and geographical history of Chiniot.

  • Culture

In this section we are representing different traditions which are observed in Chiniot. Rich and diverse culture which has its roots in ancient time.

  • Personalities

In this section we are assembling the encyclopedia of intellectuals of chiniot who have served Indo-Pak Subcontinent, Pakistan and Chiniot in different walks of life and those who are still doing it.

  • Attractions

We have documented different visiting sites in Chiniot. Some of those represent the best and peerless craftsmanship of the people of Chiniot.

  • Specialties

In this section we will find few things in which Chinioties are master like wood work including the peerless craftsmanship at home and building furniture, fresco and cuisine.

Chiniot is also known for the craftsmanship of Tazia making.

  • Literature

Here you find our intellectual property admired not only on national but also international level. Complete literature here Chiniot city .com.pk

  • News & Media

We are planning to archive current affairs and news related to Chiniot City here on Chiniotcity.com.pk

  • Travel & Tours

Chiniot has many historical and unique visiting points. For convenience of visitors we arrange tours and guides.

Note: For the enhancement and maintenance of this project, we need intellectual and financial assistance and you are invited to become the part of this project.


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