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Nawab Saadullah Kha’n

Nawab Saadullah Kha’n

Name:                 Mulla Saadullah Kha’n  

saadullah khan (150 x 205)

Father Name:    Ameer Bakhsh

Pen Name:          Nawab Saadullah Kha’n

DOB:                    1609

DOD:                    7-Apr-1656

Place of Birth:   Chiniot

Profession:          President of Hindustan (in the reign of Shah Jahan)

Education:         Hafiz Quran, Fazal Uloom-e-Sharqia

Hobbies:            —

Writings / Books

Writings / Books

Note: We don’t have any book of this author in our library.

1. تسفیر سورۃ فاتحہ

2. رسالہ تخت طائوس

3. دیوان سعداللہ

4. سعداللہ خانی

5. بادشاہ نامہ

6. مکتوبات سعداللہ خاں


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